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Ritec After-Care for ClearShield Glass is especially developed for the routine cleaning of most types of ClearShield Eco-Glass® around the home.

This specialist product efficiently removes light water spots, fatty/greasy residues, fingermarks and other general dirt from kitchen splashbacks and other surfaces including metals and plastics.


  • Highly effective, especially developed for the special protection
  • Very practical, requires no rinsing, dries quickly and leaves no film/residue
  • Recommended for all types of glass, including ClearShield Eco-Glass®, and other surfaces including metals and plastics

Regular use optimises the performance and durability of the unique protection. The trigger spray nozzle features two switchable settings, spray or jet, plus an 'off' setting.


For the maintenance of ClearShield Eco-Glass® in a shower environment, we recommend the use of Ritec After-Care for Shower Glass


Not recommended for use on marble or surfaces not resistant to acid. Ritec International Ltd recommends to test the product on a small, discreet area prior to usage.

Ritec After-Care for ClearShield Glass

SKU: 3C3GA005B
  • Product Information

    500ml trigger spray bottle.

  • Application Instructions

    1. Spray onto the glass surface.
    2. Agitate with a T-bar or sponge.
    3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
    4. Squeegee dry.

    Do not allow to dry on the surface as discolouration may result.

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