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Problems with staining on glass and tiles?
Using more time and effort than before to clean glass and ceramic surfaces?
Frustrated that your glass and ceramics look dirty so soon after cleaning?

Then this brand new, super-value 2-bottle kit is the ideal solution, making glass and ceramics surfaces 'non-stick' and easy-to-clean!


  • Based on award-winning, durable Ritec ClearShield® 'non-stick', easy-clean polymer tech
  • Saves time and effort to clean your glass and ceramic surfaces in and around the home
  • Keeps your glass and ceramics looking like new for longer
  • Resists bacterial adhesion for a more hygienic environment
  • Superb value, only £14.95!

Ritec’s Clear-Vision® 'non-stick' protection prevents limescale, salt and hard water deposits from adhering to glass and ceramic surfaces, making them much easier to clean than ordinary surfaces. The kit contains enough product to treat approximately 8m² of glass and ceramic surfaces. Ideal for shower glass, glass splashbacks, mirrors, glass and ceramic sinks and wall tiles.


Please note Ritec International Ltd cannot provide any warranty on the durability of a Clear-Vision® product application as this is carried out by the consumer.

Clear-Vision® Glass & Ceramics DIY Kit

  • Product Information

    Pack contains:
    100ml Glass & Ceramic Surface Cleaner
    100ml Glass & Ceramic Protectant
    1 high quality, machine-washable microfibre cloth
    Pump spray for Glass & Ceramic Protectant Bottle

  • Application Instructions

    Use of gloves is recommended (1 pair supplied).

    1. Remove any surface moisture.
    2. Shake Glass & Ceramic Surface Cleaner (Bottle 1) then apply a small amount to the Microfibre cloth and polish and repeat until the surface is fully cleaned. Repeat if marks still appear on the surface.
    3. Rinse the used Microfibre cloth with fresh water and ensuring it is soaked, wash down the surface.
    4. Using a clean tissue, kitchen roll towel or Terry towel, dry the surface, paying particular attention to edges and joints .
    5. Attach the pump spray head to Glass & Ceramic Surface Protectant (Bottle 2) and lightly mist the entire surface.
    6. Polish in with a dry clean tissue, kitchen roll towel or Terry towel, ensuring the surface is completely covered.
    7. Apply a heavier mist to the entire surface and lightly spread evenly, again ensuring the surface is completely covered.
    8. Allow to cure for a minimum of 45 minutes.
    9. Rinse the used Microfibre cloth with fresh water and wash down the surface.
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