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Ritec’s all-in-one specialist cleaner and enhancer for the routine maintenance of ClearShield Eco-Glass® in the shower.

  • Non-abrasive cleaner to remove soaps, body fats and light limescale
  • Improves hygiene in the bathroom
  • Enhancer of ClearShield Eco-Glass® for an even longer-lasting performance

Regular use maintains your ClearShield Eco-Glass® warranty in a shower environment. Please refer to the warranty details provided to you by your shower manufacturer or contact us for assistance.


The trigger spray nozzle features two switchable settings, spray or jet, plus an 'off' setting.


Ritec After-Care for Shower Glass is also available in a lower-cost Special Refill Bottle.

Ritec After-Care for Shower Glass - Trigger Spray

  • Product Information

    500ml trigger spray bottle. 500ml cylindrical refill bottle also available

  • Application Instructions

    1. Spray evenly onto surface.
    2. Agitate with a cloth.
    3. Rinse with clean water.
    4. Squeegee dry.

    Use at least once a week. For heavier limescale, allow to dwell on surface for up to 5 minutes before rinsing off. For heavy, stubborn limescale build-up, we recommend the use of Ritec Limescale Remover.

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