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Mirrors and glass furniture promise easy maintenance and better hygiene. ClearShield Eco-Glass® ensures they keep their promise and stay that way!

ClearShield Eco-Glass® for mirrors and glass furniture...

• saves cleaning time & effort

• resists staining from dirt and greasy residues

• stop smear marks that appear after cleaning

• resists bacterial adhesion for a more hygienic environment

Save time and effort on cleaning

Independently proven by UK's Porton Down laboratory to resist bacterial adhesion

No need for harsh or abrasive cleaning products to maintain ClearShield Eco-Glass®

Click on one of the options below and find out how you can get ClearShield® protection for your mirrors and glass furniture.

Ask a Retailer / 
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ClearShield and mirrors

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On-Site Application

ClearShield protected mirrors and glass furniture

Use a Clear-Vision™ DIY Kit

Clear-Vision DIY Windows Kit
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