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Maintain the beauty of balustrades with
ClearShield Eco-Glass®!

For balustrades, ClearShield Eco-Glass®...

• saves cleaning time & effort

• resists staining and discolouration

• stays looking pristine for longer

Save time and effort on cleaning

Glass looks like new for longer

No need for harsh or abrasive cleaning products to maintain ClearShield Eco-Glass®

Click on one of the options below and find out how you can get ClearShield® protection for your glass balustrades.

Ask a Retailer / 
Trade Specialist

ClearShield and Balustrade glass

Contact Ritec for
On-Site Application

Glass balustrade unprotected versus protected with ClearShield

Use a Clear-Vision™ DIY Kit

Clear-Vision DIY Windows and Glass Furniture Kit
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