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Problems with limescale?
Fed up with dirty shower glass?
Frustrated that your glass looks dirty so soon after cleaning?

Then this kit is the ideal solution!


  • Based on award-winning, durable Ritec ClearShield® 'non-stick', easy-clean polymer tech
  • Saves time and effort to clean your shower
  • Keeps your glass looking like new
  • Creates a more hygienic environment

Ritec’s Clear-Vision® prevents limescale, salt and hard water deposits from adhering to your glass surfaces, making them much easier to clean than ordinary glass. The kit contains enough product to treat approximately 5m² of glass, sufficient for two average sized shower cubicles.


Please note Ritec International Ltd cannot provide any warranty on the durability of a Clear-Vision® product application as this is carried out by the consumer.

Clear-Vision® Shower Enclosures DIY Kit

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