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Ritec International, developers and manufacturers of the ClearShield Eco-SystemTM, are leaders in the field of durable ’non-stick’ glass surface protection they pioneered more than 35 years ago.

The ClearShield Eco-SystemTM is a fully integrated system developed through years of field experience and provides expert and innovative solutions for the renovation of glass surfaces already installed, and their long-term protection and maintenance.

Ritec’s innovative work spearheaded a new movement in the glass industry that today recognises the importance of protecting glass and mirror surfaces to maintain their clarity, cleanability and as new appearance, while protecting the environment and creating a more hygienic environment.


The ClearShield Eco-SystemTM has won many prestigious awards over the years in Europe and North America in recognition of the incredible solutions and benefits it provides every day all over the world for both residential and commercial use.


Loved by Homeowners, trusted by professionals! The ClearShield Eco-SystemTM has been tried and tested for you by many landmark buildings and luxurious marine vessels around the world. All performance claims are based on real experience only as opposed to being based on theoretical laboratory tests.